DJ Riggs is a beauty industry veteran developing his brand of collaborative cutting, engaging education and comprehensive editorials. After 18 years in the business, his primary focus is the MAINENTRANCE Artists initiative.

In addition to MAINENTRANCE, Riggs has founded the EDIA Cosmetics For Hair label, a capsule collection of portable styling products formulated specifically for mix-and-match interactivity and quick-change flexibility. Both a seasoned educator and an on-set editorial stylist, DJ spent 10 years as a Creative Director at-large for TIGI, bringing his fashion-world viewpoint to global classes and beauty show stages. Renown for the type of creativity he has lent to the pages of W, French Vogue, Nylon and WWD, Riggs is a proven interpreter of significant cutting and styling trends. His innovative approach to beauty and skills as a photographer further recognized by placement as a 15-time NAHA Finalist.

Riggs’ rare ability to translate and execute fashion concepts as realistic looks is the root of his philosophy. He aims to lead a think tank of students, educators and clients interested in blending imagination with viability. MAINENTRANCE embodies each of these directions, serving simultaneously as beauty’s studio, photography house, exhibition gallery and laboratory.



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Berry Bachen has been a leading professional in the beauty industry for over 15 years, quickly becoming a trusted educator instructing advanced haircolour courses. Her primary focus is the MAINENTRANCE Artists, a collaborative artist development destination for trend-focused education as well as by-appointment colour and cut.

Bachen acquired her expertise during her long tenure as Creative Director at-large for TIGI Colour, teaching technique and theory around the world and presenting on stage at major beauty shows. Her progressive and adaptive aesthetic has lent invaluable input to ten years of TIGI Collections, and structured authorship of course content. Bachen has be honored within the beauty industry as a 10-time NAHA Finalist.

Bachen’s core goal is effortless colour with impact. Tireless curiosity about technique, inspiration and trends is both her chief asset as a colourist and her distinction as an educator. MAINENTRANCE is the lens for Bachen’s energetically unique viewpoint.